Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Mini Updates

I know i have been a very bad blogger. very very bad. urghh i wish i have the time and the mood to write. not that i dont have enough time. that is so not an excuse. i am always online, checking mails and facebooking of course.uh-huh. I have loads to share but but why am i being so lazy?

GOD its 2010! here are few updates for january 2010 :)

  • getting busy with 23-days training in RF Passive Circuit. its gonna end on 2nd feb. yay!
  • in love with my boyfriend i never make this kind of statement before. if you are reading this sayang, I heart You!
  • wearing braces for nearly a month. next appointment in 3days. hmm which rubber colour should i choose this time?
  • waiting for job status. went for an interview last week. i am not hoping so much though. oh, another interview next month.
  • my hair is getting longer and i really wanna let it grow longer! its time for a change. tired of getting the same old brand new bob cut.gahaha
  • i hope i'll get a good job(with good pay) as soon as i complete training.
  • there are so many things on my wishlist this year. hope to get them done within the year 2010. wish me all the best of luck :)