Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Happening ♥

hello again after a month of dead silence.haha been quite busy with kenduris. 2 close cousins getting married in one reception. yes, brother and sister. so cute, i know =)

i quite enjoyed the wedding reception because this is where all the relatives gathered. the night before the wedding we had a bbq party. i love the chicken =D

wedding reception at the bridegroom's

After all the tiring weekends, today which is monday, i indulged myself with a karaoke session with my sister(nis) and my ex-neighbour (nadia). oh finally i got to sing my lungs out! eventually we felt a little upset (eh?) because we were given 2hours to sing. d'oh mana cukup!

but overall, so-so lah today performance (o-m-g perasan macam nyanyi sedap!). seriously i think i sound horrible and getting worser! why oh why. i did try out a very high key song( err i think so) which is by whitney houston - I have nothing. haha what a silly trial =P

Okay this is the best part of today. i wanted to buy this pretty heels at Nose and something happened to me. a shameful one. yes, it was something that has to do with female stuff. haha very stupid how it could happen to me. i mean ME. thank god the malay sales girl kindly gave me a helping hand and also, nis & nadia. but fret not, i did not left Nose with an empty hand. I GOT MYSELF A NEW PAIR OF HEELS! and i LOVE LOVE it to bits!

this is my new baby =D

Talking bout shoes, i own a pair of peep toe heels (am not sure what it's called) also from Nose. but this pair is somewhat very exclusive because you just cant wear it anywhere you want. i bought it for my dinner party (oh begitu semangat kan?). take a look =)

so i think that's it for this entry. will write down again soonish! ♥ ♥ =D

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