Monday, October 25, 2010

The Lazy Monday

It's monday again. I am super lazy and quite sleepy. I hate it but hey, its monday. who doesn't feel the monday blues? I am writing today just to kill time.hee well actually, i don't have much to say. Oh btw, I am now a manufacturing engineer. i have change position but still attach to the same company. I have no idea how long i will stay in this company. But what I can foresee is, not anytime soon. a year, at least. I've been given big responsibility and important role for this job. My target is to be well-experienced, and good understanding, both knowledge and skills. I am hoping for the best Insya Allah..

As for now, I'll give priority to my job, family and myself. The objective is to be stable financially. I own a car, and looking forward to get a house. but not anytime soon. I still couldn't afford to buy a house. Ok, let that be in the must-buy list.hehe

And after few years of working, its time to get married. oh come on, I am getting old and i can't wait any longer to have kids and loving husband. hahah I love you mr. boyfriend! give him time to save up money for our wedding. hee :)

All of these will be in my 5-year plan. The marriage part MUST not exceed 5 years from now. I'll be like 29? urgh NO.


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apa ngellehhh? that is not a comment! p dok dlm goa sana