Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Beautiful Flowers ♥

Today i woke up early bcoz my parents planned to go to town. we had breakfast and then headed off to Lorong Kulit to buy some fruits. after that we went to Botanical Garden where the Pesta Bunga is held. The flowers are very fascinating, bright, COLOURFUL and fresh! this time we hadn't bumped into monkeys.maybe they were busy preparing lunch.haha

I have taken some pictures such as periuk kera, bonzai. fyi, these flowers/plant entered a competition. (i dunno what competition actually, the most gorgeous or handsome flowers perhaps?) the bonzais are incredible especially those "who" win the prizes. n oh, some flowers even have their medal hanging on them.LOL

My mom and I

ok now i will continue with the best part of today's outing.hee we went to Gurney Plaza after the flowers. the main reason is to buy big apple's donuts. yea, my sis cant wait any longer for a bite of donut. The new wing of gurney has captivate me! ahaa there are a few new boutique such as cK jeans, nafnaf, quicksilver, mango and etc. i am so loving this pair of grey jeans from cK jeans and MNG. but if to compare the prices, MNG is quite cheaper of course.huhu well, forget about the jeans, we went to the new wing Parkson and i was surprised to see many new brands are in store! whoa this is so kewl! there are handbags from paris hilton and jlo too. after taking a long walk looking at the handbags, i finally found 2 purses which i fell in love with. the bad news is i need to choose only 1.haha as if i was going to buy both! the purses are from guess and liz claiborne. both have the same price. at last, i made my decision and chose liz claiborne. yay! i love

ohh i forgot! we finished up our "tour" at gurney by visiting the big apple. personally from my point of view, big apple is quite oily and i prefer JCO rather than big apple. we bought it for the sake of tasting the soft donuts.hee

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