Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Introduction ♥

phew..finally im writing a blog! it's kind of funny bcoz dis idea of writing a blog at this moment (which is actually 5.55 am) has disturbed my sleeping time. hmm ppl used to say that early in the morning is a good time to study or perhaps we tend to get ideas and all that.maybe that is why i get the strength to start blogging in the dawn.haha well, anyway before i get started the whole thing, let me tell u 1 thing. i have loads of things to write but i have one kind of habit -elaboration. yes, i know it's boring to read but hey, the elaboration made my essays excellent! anyhow, i will keep on writing as much as i can.after all, this is my blog.

For a start, i will write on how i finally jump into this blog field. i know this blog thing has started like many years ago. it is not something new to most of the ppl. i personally think that blogging is a way of expressing ourselves or as an online diary. nevertheless, to some ppl they create blogs for other reasons such as sharing their thoughts and ideas or anything else. it is up to the individual on how they write. as for me, i have not decide whether to write personal or general things. it's up to me and my mood.

It is already 6.33am and look, i did write something at least.hee well..i am not trying to be a perfect or a good blogger and i never had a thought on writing something on the net because i believe i dont have that quality time to stare at my laptop typing endlessly. somehow, i find it quite interesting and i will try to keep up with my blog (am a blogger now.teehee). its been so long since the last time i wrote a diary.haha that was like when i was still in school. actually, i dun really like writing diaries bcoz..i dunno. like what i mentioned earlier, i have no time.hehe yerrite~

Ok now im getting bored coz i cant stop typing and ELABORATE(or it is what we call crap?). plz yazreen, stop typing unnecessary things. i dun want my blog to be too wordy *yeah i know it looks like an essay.d'oh *

Colours of Life -- i choose this title for my blog simply bcoz i like colours and the fact that life has been made of many colours. *uh-huh am i crapping again? Since i am a first timer, i hope this very first entry is not a rubbish.haha *am i blogging for ppl to read?i myself, am not sure bout it.blugh* i think that is all for now eventhough i have loadsss to tell. hehe i still cant believe im writing a blog! haha i hope i'll be back for more exciting entries.hee (6.59am)

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